Foundation to Treatment Paradigm

AGP paradigm is on a foundation of 5 pillars. Each pillar sets us apart from everyone in the healthcare and sports performance area.

AGP 5 Pillars of Success

  • Learn - diagnosis and or/a comprehensive evaluation is at the heart of understanding where an athlete has been and where they need to go to reach peak performance.
  • Educate - a patient-centered approach giving the autonomy back into healthcare and performance planning is a necessity for elite athlete performance.
  • Design - designing a personalized performance plan for our athletes which is an approach second to none. Our staff understands an elite athlete demands and needs.
  • Action Plan - monitored and detailed guidance into each stage of your progress.
  • Recovery & Refine - all athletes need to understand undulating training periods and how keep one healthy and ready to perform is an essential tool for elite athletes.
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Sports Chiropractic

Doctors of Chiropractic at AGP all obtain their Diplomate of Chiropractic Sports Medicine (DACBSP®) which is the highest level of education within their profession through the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians (ACBSP™).

Group of hands into a team fist The Chiropractic profession has evolved over the decades just as all other medical professions (Orthopedics, Neurosurgery, Oncology etc). Chiropractors that obtain their DACBSP® certification are progressively pushing the profession of Chiropractic into a well-established professional entity into the sports medicine healthcare system. Many physicians, health care professionals, parents, and athletes may not know that DACBSP®’s continue to run and manage the most prestigious and diverse sports platform in the United States of America; the U.S. Olympic Committees’ Sports Medicine Department (USOC).


It is often stated in healthcare that the history is the most crucial portion of information in rendering a diagnosis. The history consisting upwards to 80% of the diagnosis, which is an accurate statement. AGP schedules a new patient for ninety minutes or two hours to capture an accurate diagnosis. Uncomplicated cases will typically require one hour for the history and examination. The remaining time we may initiate treatment if it is indicated.

Complex Cases

Dr. Summers with an athlete and colleague A complicated case may be a patient who may have been evaluated by multiple physicians but does not yet have an accurate diagnosis, or a diagnosis that accounts for all the patient’s symptoms and/or complaints.

Complex case patients usually have a collection of imaging reports and images on CD, lab tests, and reports from other physicians. These records will be reviewed after our complete history and examination. Once the clinical diagnoses are established, the report of findings and treatment plan is presented which may include conservative care at our facility and care from other specialties to resolve the pain and symptoms.

In sports medicine, each specialty looks at pathology through their own perspective and education. The best physicians in each specialty may view a patient’s symptoms and determine said symptoms presented are being caused by a pathology which is one of the physician’s primary focus. At AGP we make every attempt to take the time and step back to allow for common and uncommon pathologies as well as multiple pathologies that may overlap and present as a complex case. The experience of our doctors working within previous multidisciplinary settings as the initial point of contact for Red Bull Athletes, USOC/Olympic Athletes, and professional athletes, has allowed them to understand viewpoints and treatment approaches to pathologies from different specialties as well as their outcomes which gives our patients an approach that is best suited for each individual and pathology.

Manual Therapies

At AGP, we strongly feel that manual therapies are a crucial component of athlete performance!

What sets AGP apart from all others sports medicine providers is that we do not pick one branded manual or soft tissue therapy like ART, Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, Trigger point therapy, Graston, IASTAM, Gua Sha, Acupuncture/Dry needling, or Cupping therapy just to name a few of the over 50+ manual and/or soft tissue therapies out on the market today but rather our providers intellectually choose which form of soft tissue mobilization for the targeted tissue as well as the appropriate time during the healing stage of the tissues involved.

We are adamant that there is NOT a single therapy that is the end-all-be-all answer to sports injury but rather an educated provider that can use a therapy at the appropriate time and to the correct tissue!

Soft Tissue Therapies

At AGP we strongly feel that manual therapies are a crucial component of athlete performance!

What is soft tissue mobilization?

My most respected mentor and hands down best neuromusculoskeletal diagnostician Dr. Joseph Horrigan, DC, DACBSP® says “Soft tissue encompasses is everything but the bone”. There are many forms of soft tissue mobilization as stated above, however, very little that sets them all apart. Overall, an athlete needs some form of therapy and it is more ideal to target all types and all layers of soft tissue which include: superficial fascia, muscle, tendons, and sometimes ligaments. Repetitive stress and/or acute trauma to these structures can cause microtrauma and inflammation. This inflammation can lead to fibrotic changes in the tissues altering joint range of motion, muscle function and ultimately decreasing performance. Overall, sports usually are asymmetrical forms of performance and imbalances may occur; these imbalances must be monitored and limited to allow an athlete to perform at their best.

What does soft tissue mobilization do for athlete performance?

Our bodies respond to the stress that is applied to it. Examples – When I lift weights my muscle hypertrophy, meaning my muscle fibers break down and grow bigger. If I run everyday my bones develop more density and become stronger.

Soft tissue mobilization, whether in the form of acupuncture/needling, myofascial release or other forms, all forms manipulate the cellular structure and physiology. Cellular activity and increase blood supply are amazing for changing the environment with fresh new cells and nutrients. Increased blood supply and cell manipulation will bring new formation of fibroblast activity and growth hormones that promote fresh new and healthy tissue.

Chiropractic Adjustment

At AGP the Chiropractic adjustment to the spine or extremities is just one of many powerful therapeutic tools’ doctors may use for their elite athletes, when appropriate.

Therapeutic Exercise & Rehab

At AGP, integration of therapeutic exercise is imperative to athletic performance. Every patient will have a detailed rehabilitation plan based upon their work-up and chief complaint.

In most sports, athletes develop asymmetries due to the demands of their sport. At AGP quality athlete care is defined by intellectually determining and prescribing corrective exercises that will aid in helping resolve their sports injuries. Our providers have 13+ years of experience in post-operative rehabilitation of orthopedic procedures of the cervical spine, lumbar spine, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee, ankle, and foot.

For example, athletes that have shoulder complaints will more than likely need scapular stabilization and rotator cuff exercises within their their treatment plan. Also, an athlete that has a lower back complaint will need core stabilization and neuromuscular re-education exercises.

At AGP Sports Medicine we only perform these exercises until it is time to move onto sports specific strength and conditioning which will gradually increase in difficulty over weeks until physical therapy is progressed into strength and conditioning.

From Rehab to Game Day

The gap from rehab to game day can be a challenge for the common market place in physical therapy and sports performance specialists. AGP’s unique foundation was built upon being in the field of play and closely monitoring and progressing athletes from acute and chronic injuries from rehabilitation into peak performance. Olympic and professional athletes are poised to have the bridge between rehab to peak performance be achieved at AGP.

Strength & Conditioning

Dr. Summers with an athlete and colleague Development of a strength and conditioning program can be a dauting task when there is no data to reference. Baseline testing in AGP’s Elite Athlete Performance Profile allows AGP to take into consideration an athletes injury history, sport, body type, and overall deficiencies when tackling a strength and conditioning plan.

Goal setting, competition schedule, and training regime balance can also be complex. AGP is structured to guide athletes in their design for reaching their full potential.


Maintenance & Preventative Care

Athlete’s across the globe will attest to taking care of their body! AGP foundation of wellness monitoring and injury surveillance demonstrates that athletes that have regular maintenance and preventative care strategies significantly decreases their risk of injury and appropriately prepares them for peak performance.

At AGP monitoring and scheduling recovery for athletes is imperative in today’s complex sports arena. Soft tissue therapies as discussed as well as athlete recovery center stations with therapeutic modalities can be the game changer for an athlete. These modalities include using Norma Tec via and Via Elite to help restore healthy circulation and improve mobility in the limbs after strenuous training or competition. The units provide state-of-the-art pneumatic compression to control lymphedema, heal chronic wounds, and treat venous insufficiency.

Soft Tissue Mobilization

Regular maintenance of engine that drives an athlete to success is imperative at AGP’s Foundation to Treatment and recovery paradigm.

Read more about Soft Tissue Therapies.

Functional Taping

At AGP, Sports Medicine taping and strapping techniques are an art in themselves, just as is diagnosis and biomechanical assessment. Understanding dynamic sport demands and tissues function during these complex movements is imperative to functional taping.

Dr. Summers’ years of experience of taping as an athletic trainer in the early years of his sports medicine career has enabled him to turn functional taping into an art form to help athletes perform with minimal pain and discomfort.

Daryl Homer

Olympic Silver Medalist, World Championship Medalist, 2x Olympian

Dr. Summers is a cornerstone to the USA Fencing Program - Jeremy has continued to help myself and countless others achieve our dreams on the Olympic, World Championship, and National levels