At AGP we strongly feel before designing a personalized performance plan, a comprehensive workup known as an AGP Elite Athlete Performance Profile (EAPP) must be performed. The EAPP will help identifying underlying issues as well as proper implementation of a personalized performance program designed appropriately for each athlete and sport. AGP’s unique interview process and AGP Questionnaire will help reveal underlying deficiencies and provide baseline assessments for joint mobility, preventative/supportive strategies of current athlete injuries, guidance within sports nutrition and/or nutritional supplementation, and more.



VALD marketing flyer The Elite Athlete Performance Profile (EAPP) is designed to assess and gather valuable individualized data and information that may directly affect athlete health and performance. Currently there is no overall or all-encompassing standard for athlete baseline testing in the world and most screening processes are not evidence-based. AGP’s mission is to be the leader evolving sports performance, sports medicine, and patient/athlete education across the globe. Our goal is to help guide and set an evidence-based model and template for the world of providers wishing to help athletes reach their peak performance, which may ultimately reduce injury with collecting detailed information, data, providing education, and preventative strategies along your performance journey.

The most important aspect of the EAPP is the AGP interview questionnaire and a detailed history and examination which will give a set of rich information athlete obstacles in reaching peak performance as well as a list of prior and current injuries. Based upon the results of the entire EAPP the athlete will be empowered with a detailed and personalized performance action plan within each area of concern.

Personalized Performance Action Plan

A thorough individualized action plan will empower the athlete to take the appropriate steps in dealing with current injuries or medical complaints, such as, appropriately working up an acute or chronic injury followed by a detailed management plan to address the issue. An injury management plan may include scheduling manual therapies, prescribing medications, prescribing physiotherapy/therapeutic exercise and rehabilitation as well as modifying training and strength and conditioning.

Vald Performance

AGP has acquired Vald Performance technologies, which is a sports technology company that provides practitioners with unparalleled performance and injury risk assessment.

NORDBORD Hamstring Testing

Revolutionary hamstring screening with an eccentric hamstring test with a NORDBORD device is supported with well documented research to support eccentric load testing and rehabilitation plans. The eccentric strength test reports maximal force in each hamstring during a Nordic lean exercise. An athlete that perform the test will produce a force recorded in Newtons or unit of force.

GroinBar Hip Strength Assessment

AGP has acquired Vald Performance technologies GrionBar System which is a fast, modular, portable and repeatable system for testing hip abduction, hip adduction, as well as a host of other muscle groups.

Vald Performance Scoreboard

HumanTrak Movement Analysis System

Baseline Standardized Concussion Assessment Tool

The Sport Concussion Assessment Tool 5 or SCAT 5 is designed for the use of health professionals working with athletes in sport for concussion assessment or baseline testing. The CDC explains, “Baseline tests are used to assess athlete’s balance and brain functions (including memory skills, ability to pay attention or concentrate, and how quickly he or she thinks and solve problems) as well as for the presence of any concussion symptoms. Preseason baseline testing with the SCAT 5 can be helpful for interpreting post-injury test scores. The baseline score is used as an outcome measure if a concussion does occur.

For more information please visit CDC’s Heads Up educational materials and training – whether you are an athlete, parent, youth sports coach, school coach, or healthcare provider, they will help you recognize, respond to, and minimize the risk of concussion in sport.

Please contact our office to set up an appointment for a follow up and any questions on plan of action or specific athlete performance design.

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Race Imboden

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Dr. Summers is extremely professional with a huge range of knowledge that he applies to each of his patients’ particular needs all while explaining the reasoning behind his decisions. As an Athlete I have used him as my guide for “Daily Body maintenance routines” “Pre-competition Activation”, “Post-competition recovery”, as well as every “Sports retaliated Medical Issues”. He has always an appropriate approach for all my issues, and when I have really have needed a specialist he’s has given me excellent referrals to the top providers in their specialty.