First visit & what to expect

At AGP we take pride in providing quality sports medicine & sports performance services. The foundation to this process must include a full history, examination, detailed report of findings followed by an individualized management plan.

The average time a patient has with a doctor in the U.S. is 8 minutes. However, your first visit at AGP is a ninety-minute to two-hour appointment for a typical case.  The initial intake forms are completed online prior to your visit which allows for a smooth and accurate appointment schedule. There is an hour allocated for the patient history and examination; a second hour is allocated to begin treatment, if treatment is indicated.

AGP often receives complicated case referrals of patients in search of an accurate diagnosis and management plan. Complex cases may require the entire initial visit for the history and examination only.  Very complex cases may require even more time over two visits to gather the medical history and to perform examinations of multiple regions of the body.

We may conclude that additional clinical data is required before treatment can begin. This additional data may be in the form of various imaging studies (x-ray, MRI, MR arthrogram, CT scan, MR neurography, MR angiography, bone scan, bone density studies) or electrodiagnostic studies (EMG, nerve conduction velocity, F-wave) and/or laboratory results. Treatment may, or may not, be initiated before these studies are performed and this decision will be made on a case-by-case basis.

At AGP we do not participate in or accept health insurance; however, we provide our patients with a superbill to send to their insurance company if requested. We are not a Medicare provider. Please see the About page to understand our philosophy and why we do not accept insurance.

Payment Information

Payment is expected at the time services are rendered. We accept credit, debit, and cash as payment.


Forms required to be filled out prior to a visit can be found via the online patient portal once appointment is confirmed.

Other forms may be required depending on the patient’s chief complaint which will be provided prior to patient in office visit.


Frequently asked questions

  1. Does AGP accept health insurance?

    At this time, we offer our patients an insurance superbill to submit to their personal health insurance carrier. This superbill will detail the services rendered.

  2. How long is a initial consultation?

    Our comprehensive consultations are between 1.5-2 hours in length.

  3. How long is a treatment session?

    Each athletes’ needs are different; however, we schedule our sessions for 45 minutes.

  4. How can I schedule an appointment?

    Please visit the website to schedule an appointment.

  5. How much is an initial consultation?

    Initial consultation is 300$.

  6. How much is a follow up visit and/or treatment?

    Follow up care is 175$ per visit.

  7. Is there an athlete age limit for an Elite Athlete Performance Profile assessment?

    Typically, we recommend teenagers and above, however, there are some powerful benefits for specific testing for ages 10 years old and up.

  8. What is the cost of a Elite Athlete Performance Profile (EAPP)?

    Each individual needs may differ and there is a sliding cost associated to the services within the EAPP. Sliding costs can range from 1500$ - 2000$ depending on services needed for the athlete.

Race Imboden celebrating a fencing victory

Race Imboden

Olympian - London 12’, Rio de Janerio 16’, #1 World Ranking 2018, 2016 Olympic Team Bronze Medalist

Dr. Summers is extremely professional with a huge range of knowledge that he applies to each of his patients’ particular needs all while explaining the reasoning behind his decisions. As an Athlete I have used him as my guide for “Daily Body maintenance routines” “Pre-competition Activation”, “Post-competition recovery”, as well as every “Sports retaliated Medical Issues”. He has always an appropriate approach for all my issues, and when I have really have needed a specialist he’s has given me excellent referrals to the top providers in their specialty.